Buying Off-The-Plan

Buying off-the-plan can have many benefits including cost savings, a professional designed home with modern inclusions, the peace of mind that comes with owning a a home without maintenance issues, and having additional time to save money.

If those benefits are appealing to you, then it could be the ideal way to purchase your next property.

With Highlife Sales, you secure the home in the early stages of the project at today’s price, and you follow the entire construction process with monthly updates, eagerly awaiting your home to be ready to move in to!

There are many benefits to buying off the plan.  Firstly you know that you are getting a brand new home, freshly finished and you don’t need to settle on the property and pay the full amount until handover.

It is important to understand the off-the-plan process before purchasing as it is a little bit different to a standard property purchase.  Below is everything you need to know to understand how to buy a home off-the-plan through Highlife Sales, but if you have any additional questions, please reach out to our friendly team any time.



  • Purchase price discount.
    Buying off-the-plan is a great way to get a great price for a home. Generally, the earlier you buy, the better the deal.
  • Capital growth before you settle.
    In a growth market it’s likely your property may increase in value during the course of construction, give you more than what you paid for.
  • Builder’s warranty.
    Newly constructed homes in Queensland come with a new home warranty, to covere you for non-structural and structural defects (see below for more info).
  • Time to save more money
    When you buy off-the-plan, you pay a deposit when signing the contract of sale (generally 5-10%). The balance of the purchase price is paid at settlement (when construction is finished). This gives you time to save more money which you could put towards reducing the amount you need to borrow.
  • Potential to earn interest on your deposit.
    Your deposit may be held in a trust account until settlement and in some instances, you may earn interest on the cash deposit you’ve paid. Alternatively, the developer may agree to let you secure the purchase using a deposit bond or bank guarantee. This could allow you to keep earning interest on your funds while your home is being built. Different rules apply depending on the development, so find out more about how it works for the property you’re looking at.
  • Tax benefits for investors.
    If you’re buying a new home off-the-plan for investment purposes, you may be eligible for tax benefits. Tax rules are complicated, so check this with your accountant or registered tax agent.



    • You haven’t seen the finished product. When buying off-the-plan you are trusting that the home is built to a high quality and with the finishes and inclusions you expect.
      Fortunately, when buying a Highlife home you know you have a reputable builder with a long history of high quality workmanship. You are also welcome to walk through another project recently completed by Highlife Homes to see the quality and detail first hand.
    • Possible construction delays
      When custom building homes with multiple different trades and suppliers, there is always the possibility that the building isn’t completed on time.
      Fortunately, a key focus of Highlife Homes is completing projects according to the assigned schedule.
      In addition, a key focus of Highlife Sales is to ensure that buyer are given an accurate expectation for settlement. To achieve this buyers receive monthly updates on progress and completion.